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Add Natural Protein to Your Smoothies -- No Powder Required

Smoothies are a convenient and tasty way to get all the nutrition you need from a meal in one glass. And while most smoothie lovers don't necessarily equate this healthful "fast food" as a source of protein, you can add natural protein to your smoothies and give yourself a boost that will fill you up and help you avoid between-meal cravings.
If you’re not a fan of protein powder; try these tips for creating protein-packed smoothies the natural way.

Adding natural protein to your smoothies

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  • Avocados - Avocado provides a satisfying combination of protein and fats that can calm your cravings and help you resist snacking before the next meal.
  • Silken tofu - That's silken, not firm! This type of tofu not only provides complete protein, but its smooth texture mixes well with dairy products.
  • Low fat cottage cheese - Save the Greek yogurt for later. Cottage cheese has even more protein and will add to the creamy texture of your smoothie.
  • Chia seeds - Add 2 tablespoons of these small seeds to a smoothie for 40 percent of your daily fiber requirements, as well as a generous contribution toward omega-3 needs. The gelatinous texture of chia seeds also helps thicken up a smoothie.
  • Kale - Kale in a smoothie? This vitamin- and mineral-packed green is actually a delicious accompaniment for fruits and dairy. Team it up with citrus fruit or yogurt and a banana.
  • Oatmeal - Who would have thought oatmeal was for sipping as well as spooning? You can mix it with a banana, almonds, cinnamon and almond milk to control your appetite while also preventing diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Choosing to add natural protein to your smoothies is one way of keeping your body healthy. Taking care of your skin is another. For more on natural, ethically sourced skincare, contact Subtle Green. We'll help you learn more about living well and living healthy.

Wondering what natural ingredients suit you?

Look into our guide to find out!

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