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Buying Guide for Natural Skin Care

natural botanicals So, you’re investigating natural skincare products. You’d like to determine what works for you and learn more about natural and botanical ingredients. Most importantly you want to know how to get healthy skin. How do you go about it?

Let us start by identifying what you’d like to do. What is the main thing on your mind for your personal skin care? Would you like to address a specific skin issue or would you like to enhance your skin? Read through the following two options to decide what category of skincare you’re looking for.

You want to address a specific skin concerns: For example, you’ve got problem skin, suffering from acne or other persistent skin conditions. You have sensitive or over-reactive skin. Perhaps you’ve overindulged in sun and your skin could use some soothing. If any of the above strikes a chord with you, then learn about ingredients that will treat your condition and help get you clear skin here.

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You want to enhance your skin: For example, you’re dealing with signs of aging and long for that soft, firm and youthful glow. You feel you have oily, shiny skin and deal with black heads constantly. Or perhaps you just want well-hydrated, nourished skin with natural botanicals. If any of this sounds like what you’re looking for, then click here to learn about what ingredients will get you there.

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Why consider natural skin care over synthetics?
You're hearing more and more about natural and organic products - and this piques your curiosity. Yes, it is a subject we care deeply about and here's why: approximately 60% of of what you apply on your skin is absorbed directly. Natural and organic skin care solutions are based on ingredients sourced from nature: flowers, fruits, leaves and so on. The compounds found in nature tend to be highly compatible human biochemistry and what's more - they're just as powerful and effective as their synthetic counterparts. While merits of either type of ingredient depends on whether it is proven safe and effective, there is a growing body of evidence that supports enhanced effects of various natural compounds on our bodies.

At Subtle Green we promote skin care through natural products to complement your healthy lifestyle choices. This buying guide explores the areas of natural and organic skin care, describing what helps and what to avoid for certain topics.