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natural and organic skin care made in canada

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Customize your skin care - 3 easy steps!

1: Choose your base

1: Choose your base

Choose a base for your signature design using your skin type as a guide
2: Choose your botanicals

2: Choose your botanicals

Choose the nourishing oil combination pack based on the skin concern you would like to treat today

- Start designing now -

3: Add a booster

3: Add a booster

Add a booster shot to enrich your formulation with essential oils and extracts to maximize product effectiveness

Powerful, effective botanicals

High quality, potent botanical ingredients ensure each product delivers optimal results - you will find:
  • Divine essential oils such as Jasmine, Rose and Neroli
  • Skin nutritive fruit and berry oils such as Pumpkin and Cranberry
  • Naturally derived bioactives such as Hyaluronic acid and Co-enzyme Q10
- Just to name a few!
Powerful, effective botanicals


Freshness and effectiveness of each carefully crafted formula is enhanced with beautiful luxe bio-photonic glass bottles. Sophisticated, elegant and 100% recyclable so you can elevate your daily routine!

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No harsh chemicals

Our products are free from harsh and controversial chemicals
  • No Parabens
  • No synthetic fragrances or dyes
  • No SLA's (sulphates)
  • No PEGs
  • No formaldehyde releasing preservatives

Read our guide on what you should watch out for in your personal care products

No harsh chemicals

Reviews & Testimonials*

Christina (on Restorative and Regenerative lotion)
The first thing that I noticed was the smell, it was so refreshing, organic and rich - but then the cream itself was light and almost "whipped" as opposed to the thick oily moisturizers. More importantly I have been complimented over a dozen times ...

– Christina (on Restorative and Regenerative lotion)

Jennifer (on De-Stressing cleanser)
This cleanser is absolutely extraordinary. I noticed a significant difference after one use and in two weeks, I felt like my skin completely transformed. Plus, the fragrance is swoon worthy. It takes me away to a happy place.

– Jennifer (on De-Stressing cleanser)

Charline (Signature Blend – Customized moisturizer)
I just received my order and once again, I love your products! The texture, the scent and the benefits on my skin, wow! I love it! [Translated from French]

– Charline (Signature Blend – Customized moisturizer)

Tonya (on Après Surf and Slope lotion)
This feels AMAZING on my skin and the smell is so good!!! I’ve been using it for about a week (I’m 36 with fair skin) and am staring to notice the dark spots near my temples lighten and the lines around my eyes soften ...

– Tonya (on Après Surf and Slope lotion)