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Customized Skincare - Focus on you

Can you imagine a world where everyone wore the exact same outfit like a uniform? You didn’t pick the colour, the style, the material and it does not even look as flattering on you as on someone else.

Thankfully this is not a reality today! We are unique and need to wear different things to look our best and own the room.

We all have unique skin types, so why are we still buying skin care made for the masses?

Customized Moisturizer - Lotions & Creams

Ingredients are grouped to make it easy to choose which you want to focus on
  • Step 1 - Skin types, examples: Sensitive, Mature, etc.
  • Step 2 - Concern, examples: Sun damage, Wrinkles, etc.
  • Step 3 - Pick a booster, examples: Anti-aging, Toning, etc.

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Customized Serum

Ingredients are grouped to make it easy to choose which you want to focus on
  • Step 1 - Primary base, examples: Hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10, etc.
  • Step 2 - Secondary actives, examples: Anti-oxidants, Collagen boosters, etc.
  • Step 3 - Scent blend, examples: Jasmine, Lotus, etc.

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customized serum skincare

3 Powerful Reasons to customize your skincare

One size doesn’t fit all

Imagine creating your sundae in the ice cream shop: You pick your ice cream base and add in the toppings you like and perhaps a delicious sauce on top. How about special event attire? You wouldn’t buy a one size, one color fits all designer gown or suit. You want one that compliments your body size and shape and in a color that suits your skin tone so you can stand out. What about that new car? You pick the type, colour, material of the seats, sport and other features that fit your needs and personality.

Personalizing something makes it yours and different from someone else’s. As individuals we are different. So is our skin. There isn’t one product or one set of ingredients that works best for everyone.

More of what you need and less of what you don’t

Most skincare products are designed to do a little something for everyone; much like a multivitamin that has an array of vitamins to improve or maintain general health. That’s rarely enough for a life of good health.

More often, you’re taking specific vitamins or switching up your diet based on what your body needs more of. Skincare is just like that. We don’t all need everything! Everyone’s skin needs a little something different to glow with good health. Are you looking to fade a few sun spots or do you wish you had fewer lines or perhaps those under eye circles make you look more tired than you really feel?

Customized skincare allows you to pick exactly what you needs more of to address your specific need. You would leave behind those ingredients you really don’t need - to have 100% of the product packed with a targeted set of ingredients. Custom skincare makes each drop of product count.

Change it as your needs change

Are you always wearing one specific type of clothing? You’re shopping for different clothes, different colours and different styles as you change your mind, with seasons, with time with fashion.

So why should you be stuck with one bottle or jar of skincare when you can change the texture, change the scent and even change the ingredients? Choose a plumping moisture locking ingredient for the winter or soothing aloe based ingredients in the summer or the exotic scent of Jasmine or the seductive fragrance of Rose, simply because you can!

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