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Step 1 - Choose base botanicals

Our serums are highly concentrated blends of exclusive high performance ingredients (esoteric oils and specialty bio-actives) that are absorbed easily and penetrate deep within layers of skin to deliver powerful nutrients directly to the inner most layers of skin. With high concentrations of effective ingredients, anti-aging serums perform best when specifically targeted to address one or two signs of aging.

It's easy! You're about to do this in 3 easy steps

    • In Step 1: Choose your serum base ingredients and primary active botanicals – you can do this based on the main function you would like your serum to perform and understanding why the ingredients work
    • In Step 2: Add a secondary function for your serum to complement your base or choose more actives to enhance the effects of your base
    • In Step 3: Choose your aroma blend of essential oils
Let's start: Choose your serum base ingredients and primary active botanicals. Click on "Learn More" for more information on the ingredients, to fully understand how it's going to work for your skin.

Notice: We are in the process of updating our customization offering. Check back on March 15th and please bear with us during the transition update, to place orders after the new offering is available.

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)

Fight Oxidative damage: Free-radical damage is not a myth. We are exposed to free-radicals just by living - being exposed to the environment and sun. Free radical damage causes our skin to age fast losing firmness and elasticity. Coenzyme Q10 is hailed as one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients to combat free-radical damage, help rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkles.
Combat premature aging with Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone).
Free radicals are particles present in UV rays and in the environment (toxins, pollutants, stress). They cause cellular damage when they come in contact within our bodies (called oxidative stress). Over time, they are particularly detrimental in damaging collagen and elastin in our skin leading to loss of firmness and elasticity – which means wrinkles! Such oxidative stress is one of the major causes of skin aging.
  • Our coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) is derived from plants and is a powerful anti-oxidant that battles free-radical damage, thereby reducing damage to skin’s structural proteins collagen and elastin. It maintains skin’s structural integrity on a cellular level resulting in firmer, tighter skin.
  • Coenzyme Q10 stimulates collagen production, reversing some signs of damage.
  • It rejuvenates skin by stimulating skin cell activity. As skin ages, cellular activity is reduced leading to slower removal of toxins leading to dull and sallow skin – another sign of aging. Coenzyme Q10 stimulates cells, causing them to be more active. When skin cells get rid of toxins easily, their nutrients go a long way towards keeping them healthy.
  • We use Apricot kernel oil to carry our coenzyme Q10 because it absorbs quickly and is rich in vitamins A and E to further nourish skin and improve elasticity and tone.
If you’re in your 30s or 40s and believe in proactively combating primary causes of aging from free-radical damage, coenzyme Q10 is your best friend. 

Hyaluronic Acid and Olive Squalane

Plump skin with moisture: Youthful and dewy skin has one thing going for it – suppleness. This comes from copious amounts of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid and Squalane, which reduce with age resulting in loss of elasticity, suppleness, sunken skin and fine lines.
Replenish with naturally derived Hyaluronic acid and Olive Squalane for that moistened, dewy look of glowing skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in the human body. It fills the spaces between skin cells and provides moisture and suppleness to skin. Youthful skin is abundant in hyaluronic acid that helps hold moisture to skin keeping skin moistened and plump. With age, we tend to produce less and less of Hyaluronic acid. This shows quickly starting with fine lines around the mouth, crow’s feet and sunken skin under the eyes. Our Hyaluronic acid (chemical name Sodium Hyaluronate) is derived from glucose, soy and yeast. It penetrates the dead cell layer and permeates skin quickly increasing hydration and improving skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that is effective for all skin types (including oily skin), and works with any other product (acne medication, sunscreen etc.) that you might be using. What’s more Hyaluronic acid is also a “smart nutrient” as adjusts its moisture absorption rate based on humidity and climate.
  • Squalane is a naturally occurring oil in secreted by skin to protect skin from moisture loss, otherwise known as Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Preventing TEWL is an essential skin function that also helps us stay comfortable in changing environment (heat, cold, low humidity etc.). As we age, skin produces less Squalane resulting in loss of moisture that leads to cracked, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizing skin repeatedly will do little if you cannot lock that moisture in. Restoring skin’s lipid barrier is integral to maintaining moisture levels. Our olive derived Squalane does just that, working in perfect harmony with hyaluronic acid to lock the moisture in for supple skin.
Make Hyaluronic acid and Olive Squalene your serum base if you’re trying to bring back that supple, dewy skin of much envy.

Moth Bean extract - Natural alternative to Retinol

Regenerate skin and even out skin tone with a naturally derived source of retinol (Moth bean or Vigna Acontifolia extract): This final ingredient needs no introduction. Retinol is probably one of the most researched and popular anti-aging skin ingredient of late. Our naturally derived retinol alternative from moth bean fights signs of aging by regenerating skin, increasing cell turnover revealing younger skin while gently reversing UV related oxidative damage.
Get this moth bean extract in in your serum's primary function if you're looking for a natural and safe alternative to store bought retinol.
  • Retinol is derived from vitamin A and is converted to retinoic acid in skin. Here it works on a molecular level, stimulating collagen production and increases skin turnover – two functions that decrease drastically with age. Loss of collagen, weakens skin’s structure leading to bends and folds - wrinkles. When we’re young, our skin turnover rate is very high. Old skin is regularly discarded and new skin is brought to the surface. This keeps skin always looking fresh. This process reduces with age and older skin stays behind just a little bit longer giving that dull, flakey look and a sallow complexion. Exfoliation is key! Retinol does wonders in this area, helping discard dead skin and reveal new skin, and regenerating sun damaged skin.
  • Our retinol is derived from Moth bean, a native to south Asia and is a natural, non-irritating alternative to pharmaceutical retinol. This extract comes in Camellia seed oil that has superior transdermal penetration to deliver the Moth bean extract directly to the inner layers of your skin.

Get this base of moth bean retinol (in Camellia seed oil) to boost cellular renewal and reveal a fresh, radiant complexion