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Step 2 - Add secondary actives


So, you've picked Hyaluronic acid and Olive Squalane. In Step 2 you can add a secondary function for your serum or choose more actives to enhance the effects of these two skin hydrating ingredients.

Anti-Oxidant infusion with Strawberry and Raspberry

Anti-oxidants are the best skin nutrients to fight free-radical damage from UV and can enhance the effects of CoEnzyme Q10 to make an anti-oxidant super-hero serum. Strawberry seed oil and Raspberry concentrate are anti-oxidant powerhouses that contain vitamins A, B, C and E. They help reduce free-radical damage and maintain skin elasticity. These two anti-oxidants are good for all skin types.

Boost collagen with Vitamin C & E

Why this? Because vitamin C is to-date known as the most effective ingredient in stimulating collagen production in skin. Vitamin E helps maintain skin’s elasticity and pomegranate seed oil is highly prized for its remarkable anti-oxidant effects.

Add vitamin C for additional skin firming and anti-aging benefits of your serum.

As we age, our skin’s collagen synthesis is reduced. Collagen is the protein responsible for structure and firmness of skin. Furthermore, Elastin, a protein that maintains skin’s elasticity is reduced. When skin’s collagen and elastin are impacted, wrinkles happen.
  • Our vitamin C (chemical name Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate ) is a vitamin C ester derived from pure vitamin C (L-ascorbyl acid) and more powerful and stable than L-ascorbyl acid. It penetrates deeply to the innermost layers of your skin and stimulates collagen production. In addition it protects against oxidative damage from UV.
  • Vitamin E (in rice bran oil) restores skin’s structure by helping your skin rebuild elastin so skin is firmer and smoother
  • Pomegranate oil has a very high anti-oxidant level to combat free-radical damage and it also has Punicic acid that is anti-inflammatory and soothing to skin

Refine pores and eliminate blackheads with Alpha and Beta hydroxyl acids (AHA and BHA)

If there was one major benefit to facials and skin peels, it’s the secret of resurfacing skin - removing outer layers of skin to reveal younger and newer skin- resulting in that youthful glow without dull skin and fine blackheads from blocked pores. Alpha Hydroxy acids and Beta Hydroxy acids are key to effective skin resurfacing and cleaning. Eliminate black heads and white heads and refine your skin tone with our gentle, fruit derived AHA and BHA.
  • A natural Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) Willow bark, is an effective extract that can penetrate deep into clogged skin and exfoliate the dead skin cells that are built up inside the pore (black heads). Great for oily skin types that have a tendency to have a heightened sebum (skin oil) secretion leading to more clogged pores, white heads and black heads
  • Our Sugarcane derived Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs) is Glycolic acid. Recognized for having superior skin exfoliating properties, Glycolic acid will gently resurface outer layers of skin, removing dull skin to reveal new youthful skin beneath. You’ll start to see radiant and smooth skin in the mirror
For radiant and blemish free skin, add our naturally derived AHAs and BHA to your skin.

Need to change your step 1 ingredient?

Back in step 1, you set a primary active ingredient for yourself. Having second thoughts about this?
No problem! You can easily go back, take another look and make a different choice if it suits you.