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Clinical and Consumer Studies

In 2019, clinical and consumer studies were conducted through a clinical laboratory in Montreal to substantiate our anti-aging claims. The results showed a significant reduction in under-eye wrinkles and an all-round increase in skin health, suppleness and hydration. Proudly made in Canada we create eco-luxe products that really work.

Clinical scoring: up to 50% reduction in under eye wrinkles

Our testers also evaluated their skin health as part of a consumer study
Felt their skin health improved greatly

had firmer and more elastic skin.

had radiant, hydrated and supple skin

said they would swap their current skincare for Subtle Green

Anti Aging Serum
Why Clinical studies?
Clinical studies prove that our products work. Backed by science, they show you the results that people had when using our products.
Anti Aging moisturizer We use over 50 botanicals in effective concentrations to deliver a powerful punch to your skin. We went out to prove that natural and botanical products can bring the same kinds of results as the best pharma-grade products out there.

Being committed to 100% natural and botanically derived ingredients isn’t enough if our products don’t bring results and improve skin health. That’s what a clinical study brings – scientific data and proof on how well 100% natural and botanical products work.