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Want to Eat Clean and Live Healthy? Try These 7 Tips

Clean eating is a relatively new buzzword, but the concept is nothing new. This healthy lifestyles ensures you're getting the highest quality foods with maximum nutrients. Interested in the concept? Use these seven tips to help you eat clean and live healthy.

healthy eating
  1. Minimize or eliminate processed foods: Instead of reaching for boxed, bagged or canned food, choose fresh fruits, vegetables and other unprocessed items. The fewer the ingredients on the nutrition label, the less processed the food is.
  2. Choose unrefined alternatives: Whole grains including brown rice, quinoa, millet and amaranth should replace white bread. Honey, maple syrup and dehydrated cane juice can take the place of refined sugar.
  3. Include a healthy fat, carbohydrate and protein at every meal: Well-balanced meals spaced throughout the day help build muscle and curb your appetite.
  4. Limit unhealthy fat, salt and sugar: It’s easier than you think to limit these items, especially if you eat clean and live healthy by reducing processed foods in your diet. Cut out obvious things such as butter, table salt and sweeteners to help you eat clean and live healthy.
  5. Eat five or six small meals: This usually ends up being a small breakfast, lunch and dinner and hefty snacks in between. This habit helps prevent you from overeating or skipping meals, and the steadier caloric intake keeps your metabolism active and blood sugar levels stable.
  6. Eliminate soda and coffee: These unhealthy drinks have sugar, calories, caffeine and/or artificial sweeteners you don’t want in your body. Opt for water first and foremost. Other clean drinks include unsweetened tea, skim milk and 100 percent juice.
  7. Stay active: Along with watching what you eat, watch your level of daily physical activity. Exercising burns fat, strengthens bones, builds muscle and keeps your heart and lungs healthy.

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