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What is NATURAL?

natural cream Natural personal care is growing in popularity and with good reason. Natural products are purer, cleaner, fresher and good for you and the environment. What exactly is a “natural” cream or lotion? This word means different things to different people. While the term “organic” is well characterized by various international organizations that manage organic certification, “natural” is often based on interpretations.
The “natural” theme can spark debates among experts, formulators, consumers and even regulatory agencies. Natural ingredients range from those that can be directly procured from plants (like shea butter) to those that are derived from plants/ other sources with some level of processing. So, we’re going to take a moment to define what we call natural so you have a good benchmark when reviewing our ingredients.

Per Subtle Green’s philosophy, a natural ingredient is one that is derived from plants or from the earth with minimal processing where the ingredient or its extraction method does not yield environmental waste. Example – shea butter, avocado oil, rose essential oil etc.
Read our natural ingredient guide to see what natural ingredient best suits your skin
Aside from plant extracts, butters and oils, there are other classes of ingredients that contribute to the quality of natural products. Among them are - emulsifiers and preservatives.

Emulsifiers are primary ingredients in most creams and lotions. They make oil and water play well together to make a cream or lotion. Click here to learn more about naturally derived emulsifiers

Nature Derived Emulsifiers
All creams and lotions (especially products containing water in any form) are subject to bacterial and microbial infestation. So, safe preservation is absolutely necessary in products containing water - like creams and lotions. Naturally derived, ECOcert preservatives provide protection against mold and bacteria without compromising the natural quality of the product. Learn more here

Nature Derived Preservatives