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vanilla essential oil benefits for skin

Vanilla is a key ingredient in luxurious desserts, skin care, hair care and an uplifting note in perfumery.

The vanilla plant is a type of orchid, native to the Mexican peninsula, and was originally cultivated by the Totonac Indians. Later, the Aztecs incorporated vanilla in their rendition of a chocolate drink. The story goes that when Hernando Cortez defeated the Aztecs, he came upon vanilla beans and introduced it to Europe where they were mostly savored by the wealthy. In the eighteenth century, the French began to cultivate it on their tropical colonies like Mauritius and Madagascar. Today, Madagascar remains the largest producer of vanilla beans in the world, followed closely by Indonesia and Tahiti.

Better than ice cream
Vanilla has a multitude of health benefits that can be attributed to its properties as an anti-oxidant, aphrodisiac, anti-carcinogenic, anti-depressant, and a natural relaxant.

It inhibits the growth of cancerous cells, reduces fever, aids in fighting depression, soothes inflammation and reduces nervous disorders. In aromatherapy, it is used as a natural relaxant and sedative to calm nerves and reduce stress. The scents of Vanilla are uplifting and sedative at the same time and help promote restful sleep.

Oxidation and free-radicals
An apple turns brown when sliced and a fresh cut on your skin gets inflamed. These are the results of oxidation. Although oxidation is a natural process required for normal cellular function in our bodies, there can sometimes be damage during the process leading to free radical formation.

Anti-oxidants are substances that fight these free radicals; so they are the good guys that work to eliminate these free-radicals from attacking normal cells. Good health habits can reduce the amount of free radicals that roam your body freely . Incorporate anti-oxidants in your diet to help your body fight the free radicals. Poor health habits like smoking and abuse of alcohol can result in the production of more free radicals and pose a threat to general health.

On skin
Vanilla essential oil is a powerful anti-oxidant warrior that battles free-radicals and it soothes inflammation and tones skin. Vanilla also stimulates the skin’s reparative process to revert and repair the damage caused by free radicals. Vanilla is loaded with B vitamins that condition and improve general skin health.

Incorporate sumptuous vanilla in your skin care and arm your skin against those disrupting free radicals.