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high quality violet biophotonic glass jars and bottles
Packaging is far more than storage to us - it plays an integral part in maintaining the freshness, energy and quality of the product.

Our elegant glass packaging maintains the freshness of creams using the science of Biophotonics to boost the energy of botanicals and enhances the properties of essential oils so the freshness of your cream and potency of its constituents are preserved until the last drop.

Various botanicals and essential oils lose their potency and medicinal value through exposure to light. In fact, heat, light and air can quickly cause essential oils to lose their medicinal properties. Sunlight plays such an important role in our daily lives, stimulating the growth and vibrancy of plants. However, the same energizing sunlight that initially makes growth possible also accelerates the process of molecular decay. Radiation form visible light leads to such molecular decay.

Creams containing essential oils stored in clear or frosted glass containers can result in the loss of efficacy within weeks as light can easily penetrate this glass and affect its contents. Unless your bathroom or dresser is in the basement of your house, it might be hard to avoid keeping your cream away from exposure to light.

preserve freshness with biophotonic glass
Biophotonic violet glass is the finest glass on the market, unsurpassed in preserving the life of products such as hydrosols, essential oils, water and herbal preparations.

Dark, colored glass such as amber, blue or green are great alternatives for preserving the properties of essential oils by limiting exposure to ultraviolet light. However, violet glass has been proven to be the most effective in preserving and even enhancing the therapeutic qualities of botanicals and organics.

Our sophisticated packaging provides the following remarkable benefits:
  • Superior protection from light degradation
  • Increased shelf life (allows us to avoid harsh artificial preservatives)
  • Natural preservation and refinement of healing properties
  • 100% recyclable
  • An elegant, smooth glass container that’s not an eye-sore in your immaculate bathroom or dresser