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orange essential oil is excellent for acne prone skin

Orange essential oil (Citrus Sinensis) is obtained from peels of the orange fruit by the process of cold compression. Loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin B and alpha hydroxy Acids, this energizing oil is an excellent choice for acne-prone skin, aging and sun damaged skin. It imparts a delightful and uplifting scent and enhances almost every essential oil blend.

Among its multitude of uses, orange has been used to add orange flavor to soft drinks, sweet meats, desserts, deodorants, natural cleaners, perfumes and most definitely in cosmetics.  An interesting fact – Blue Curacao, a type of orange liquor used in many cocktails, is traditionally made from oil of a special orange (Laharas), which grows in the exotic island of Curacao.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties of this energizing citrus make it a notable addition to acne products as it heals inflamed skin, inhibits bacterial growth and disinfects skin.

Sun damage and sun spots (aging)
Orange essential oil, tones and brightens dull and sun damaged skin and has been used to fade sun spots and wrinkles through the process of exfoliation.

If used in high concentrations, citrus oils can lead to photo sensitivity – cause skin to be more sensitive to sunlight and burning. Therefore, always wear a strong sun screen when choosing an orange essential oil blend in your day cream. 

Orange essential oil is best used in a night cream to avoid these photo-sensitivity issues.