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How to Customize

Design your signature blend. Customize your lotion or cream with a simple three (3)-step wizard

  1. Choose a base for your signature design using your skin type as a guide. Based on your selection, you will have a base with specific oils that provide you a canvas to work upon
  2. Choose the nourishing oil combo pack based on the skin concern you would like to treat today
    • Enhancing oil packs have been designed to provide a natural option to treat a variety of skin concerns
    • Each pack has the list of oils listing their benefits and indicating how they would collectively address the skin concern
  3. Finally, add a booster shot from the drop-down to enrich your product with powerful essential oils and extracts
    • The boosters are described in detail to include information on the lovely essential oils and extracts
    • Each booster shot has multiple benefits but complement each other toward one goal
    • Select the format – cream or lotion – and you’re done.

Your signature blend is complete. You can check it out to place the order. In the next 48 hours, your personalized blend will be hand crafted per your requirements and mailed out.

Don’t be shy to mix and match bases, oil packs and essential oil boosters. Have fun! Start now!

Choose pure ingredients and do not use chemicals in your creams and lotions