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Our approach and process for producing organic creams and lotions


We are committed to delivering you a quality product - generating benefits through a potent and fresh delivery of botanicals. We achieve this through a careful selection of natural ingredients (including natural preservatives), process and packaging:

1. Selection of ingredients: A quality product is the sum of its parts. That means every little part - every ingredient. So we’re going to start your journey to epidermal bliss with a careful selection of ingredients. We use fresh botanicals (extracts and essential oils), organic ingredients that are ethically sourced.  
Our ingredients are “food-grade”  - a classification applied to products that can be safely consumed, as opposed to being “cosmetic-grade”  - safe for topical application but not to be eaten. That’s not to say you should eat these creams and lotions. Your skin absorbs 60% of everything applied topically. Why should you apply products on your skin that you would normally not eat?

2. Process: For starters, we never have large batches of creams or lotions as inventory. We hand-craft our creams in small batches based on order frequency to ensure that our product is fresh when sent to our customer. 
Just as fresh food tastes so much better than canned food, fresh creams are far superior to creams produced months ago by a machine in a lab and preserved with a bunch of harsh preservatives to last years and years. Would you eat a strawberry that has been preserved for a year or two?  We hope not. So why put it on your skin. 
Secondly, we’re making your custom concoction as and when you order it. Our process is optimized to give you the freshest product you can get, shy of making it yourself.
Finally, we are environmentally responsible and cruelty free. Our ingredients and creams are stored in glass containers and we only use recyclable tools and implements. We have absolutely no form of animal testing.

3. Essential oil blends: Essential oils are simply divine! Without them we would probably not have chosen to start this business. Aside from intoxicating your senses, they have so many benefits for skin. They promote healthy skin and treat a variety of issues like premature aging, acne, eczema, psoriasis. These oils can balance dry, oily or sensitive skin and nurture your skin back to that healthy glow.
We love creating blends to stimulate your senses while working synergistically to treat your skin. 

4. Preservatives: When it comes to natural or organic cosmetics, preservatives is the point of much contention and debate. We are proudly opposed to using parabens, Sodium Laureth sulphates;  and a variety of other politically incorrect preservatives that you can read about here
We retain the food-grade quality of our products and increase the shelf life of creams/ lotions, by using natural preservatives like kimchi extract, vitamin C and grapefruit seed extract. 

5. Packaging: We spent an eternity researching how to serve up this “fresh” cream… how to preserve its purity… and finally discovered violet glass, that not only preserves its freshness but also enhances botanical energy. Read about this exciting technology in glass here.

Skin is the largest organ of your body that absorbs roughly 60% of products applied topically.  Your skin is exposed to the sun, sand, environmental pollutants, your diet and hormonal tantrums.

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Make that 60% count by using fresh, effective and high-grade products that promote your health from the outside.