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Our mission is to deliver a luxury organic skin care experience that rejuvenates and treats your skin with effective, fresh botanicals while providing a natural alternative to department store brands that are laden with artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals.

In addition, we provide the unique and gratifying experience of customizing your own skin care product. Design a product that works for you and invigorates your senses.
The best moisturizers do not have to contain “miracle ingredients” developed using “breakthrough technologies” in a remote secret laboratory. Achieving and maintaining beautiful skin at any age does not need surgery or an endless array of “miracle ingredients” enclosed in emulsions of harsh preservatives, stabilizers and synthetic fragrances. The power of pure botanicals has been harnessed for centuries to rejuvenate skin and successfully treat a multitude of skin conditions like hyper-pigmentation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, sun-spots and premature aging of skin exposed to the elements.

We bring you the healing power of rich, fresh botanicals and the opulent experience that goes with it.

We give you a quality experience from beginning to end – fresh botanicals that revitalize and nourish; essential oils that heal while smelling divine; and elegant packaging that retains the freshness of your moisturizer until every last drop is consumed.

One last thing ...
We do not fit into those pre-defined molds and completely dislike having to choose from a small selection of products someone else has defined. So we’re going to provide you the opportunity to tailor your luxury experience… create what works for you by mixing and matching, adding or removing… 

Be you, be unique, express and formulate your own solution!

Treat yourself to a spa-day everyday by exploring our portfolio. Expand your options by making your own experience, and enjoy!

About The Founder

Founder: Chitra Desikan
I started my career in software engineering and could not have been further away from my passion for creative pursuits. I went to university and worked in Montreal – the scene of high fashion, elegance and café culture. Anyone living in Montreal would know about the joie de vivre that stems from its charming French and English heritage. A job opportunity had me move to San Diego where I experienced a whole different culture. Flip flops, endless summer and organic food was my introduction to the easy charm and healthy life of Southern California. I learned about natural skincare and powerful oils, botanicals and intoxicating floral essences. I began to indulge my skin in such healthy options and in the months that followed, I wore less makeup and received so many compliments on my skin. Yet, I felt limited by mass produced skincare products.
I read a lot and have preferences for botanicals and ingredients. If I liked a few botanicals, I often needed to purchase a multitude of products that contained one ingredient each. There was no one product that had everything. If I changed my mind and liked something else, it meant more purchases. So I envisioned a customizable product line that would empower me to create one product with everything I liked, eventually leading me here – to founding Subtle Green.
The Start of Subtle Green
Aside from developing a way to empower our customers to choose what goes into their skincare, I felt the need to enhance the look and feel of natural skincare. Spending time in both Montreal and San Diego inspired me to marry the luxury and elegance of Montreal to the intoxicating, natural cool of Southern California. So I started Subtle Green. Working with aromatherapists and skincare formulators, we have created an elegant product line with rich textures and transporting floral essences like Jasmine and Orange Blossom. We invest in powerful and exotic ingredients and have perfected the art of making concentrated products that feel and work like a visit to a spa. We've encased these carefully crafted products in bio-photonic violet glass that serves the dual purpose of keeping our products fresh while making "natural" look so sexy.
About Customization – Our Unique Offering
Having been a vegetarian all my life, I ask restaurants to customize dishes for me all the time (remove bacon, add sun-dried tomatoes etc.). I know what I like, what I don't like and what works for me. Being discerning and particular about what I want, I feel passionate about providing the same control to you - to decide and design your skincare. One size does not fit all. It’s the 21st century and there's absolutely no need to fit in pre-defined molds and settle for a limited offering when you can create your own natural, luxury product that defines your unique charm.
So we’ve worked to develop a proprietary method that empowers you to have a controlling input into what goes into your product and the ability to change your mind when you feel like it and design a completely different product next time. We take care of ensuring the ingredients you choose are complimentary and don't cancel each other's benefit out. Our easy-to-use wizard guides you through an informed process to customize your product. Our customization offering will continue to grow and we're excited to be the first to enable our customers to design sumptuous skin products.