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3 Healthy Habits You Already Have But Don't Know

Sleep to be healthy

It’s amazing how quickly time passes. Are you already feeling guilt creep in about those New Year resolutions? Then take heart because there are some wonderful things you’re already doing but not taking credit for.
Here are 3 things you may be doing that promote good health and skin. Read on and feel better!
  1. You sleep in on weekends: Yes! You heard that right – a recent study has concluded that sleeping in on a weekend can make up for sleep deprivation during the week and help your body reset. So although you may fall behind on sleep during the week due from long hours at work or family demands, you can catch up on Zzzz’s and avoid the negative effects (such as weight gain, diabetes). Glowing skin is yet another wonderful side effect of sleep. So don’t ever feel guilty for getting some much deserved sleep.
    Crank it up: Unplugging from our wired world sooner will help you relax. The sooner you can get to a relaxed state, the sooner your body can produce Melatonin (the sleep hormone) to help you get to deep and blissful sleep.

  2. You eat home-cooked meals: You might eat out or call for delivery sometimes more often than you’d like, but when you do eat home-cooked meals you are giving your body some genuine love. And we’re not talking about anything complex here – simply making eggs for breakfast or a little tomato sauce for dinner counts!
    When you cook at home you’re not just saving a little cash, you also tend to use less sodium, less oil / fat, and generally less calories – what’s not healthy about that?
    Crank it up: No matter how often you cook or what flavors you enjoy, give it that extra push by incorporating different colors of fruits and vegetables. It’s a simple way to add so much more nutritional value (and visual appeal).

  3. You are optimistic: Life throws challenges your way, but you take it in stride and look forward to the future. Ok maybe sometimes you need to work through the challenges, but generally you feel the glass is half-full and all the good things you have to offer will spill over into other areas. You’re absolutely right!
    This is fantastic news for your health – an interesting article relating health to optimism points out how your healthy optimism protects your heart and blood circulation. Imagine that just having a positive outlook can reduce risks of heart disease, or even help with recovery after cardiac procedures.
    Crank it up: Gratitude is a simple technique for getting more positive vibes coming your way. Every day , take 10 minutes to think about 5 things you are grateful for in your life and feel your inner self bloom with positive energy.
be optimistic be well

Now does that not make you feel good and healthy already?

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