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Step 2 - Add enriching botanicals

Now that you've selected your base, you're in Step 2. Take a close look at the ingredients below. These enriching ingredients have been grouped to complement each other to focus on particular concerns.
Sit back, take your time and select the pack that you're most interested in adding to your cream/ lotion.

Repair sun damage

ingredients for customizing skin cream

Sun damage leads to spots, discoloration and premature wrinkles. Ingredients like Seabuckthorn and Tamanu are known for regenerating skin while Cucumber are Aloe cool and calm irritated skin.

  • Aloe and cucumber seed oil:keep skin clean, refreshed and moisturized preventing skin dehydration that could lead to cracking or peeling. Aloe is particularly healing for sun damaged skin and gently calms skin that has been burned or been over exposed to sun. Cucumber seed oil has phytosterols that can act as an anti-radical shield
  • Tamanu and coco butter:heal and regenerate skin with essential fatty acids. Coco butter nourishes stressed skin and helps retain moisture and restore elasticity. Tamanu oil contains an-antibiotic (lactone) to combat pain of sun damage
  • Sea Buckthorn berry:contains fatty acids, beta carotene and Palmitoleic acids to soothe and regenerate damaged skin tissue

Fight wrinkles, fine lines & loss of elasticity

ingredients for customizing skin moisturizer
To reduce wrinkles, your skin care ingredients need to do 3 things – enhance skin turnover to reveal newer skin beneath, help regenerate skin and prevent free-radical damage that causes wrinkles in the first place. The ingredients in this enhancement pack to do just that are Vitamin C, Pomegranate, Raspberry and a plant based Retinol alternative.
    • Vitamin C, Pomegranate and Raspberry seed oils:  Extrinsic aging (UV and environment based aging)  caused by free-radicals, is known to cause 90 % of wrinkles and age spots. Vitamin C is special because, not only is it a powerful antioxidant, it also repairs damage by stimulating collagen production and tones skin by suppressing hyperpigmentation. Most forms of vitamin C used in cosmetics are prone to oxidation over time and are rendered ineffective in products. We use the most stable form of vitamin C in the market today. Pomegranate seed and Raspberry seed oils are packed with anti-oxidants that combat free-radical damage
    • Plant based Retinol alternative - Moth bean extract: Retinol is probably one of the most researched, popular anti-aging skin ingredient in the market. However, Retinol is known to be harsh on skin, causing redness or irritation. Our plant derived retinol alternative from moth bean fights signs of aging by regenerating skin, increasing cell turnover revealing younger skin while gently reversing UV related oxidative damage - all the benefits of Retinol without the harsh side effects

    Brighten skin tone

    ingredients for customizing skin cream

    Age spots, sun spots and blotchy skin are generally caused by hyper-pigmentation in a response to UV damage. Botanicals that help suppress melanin production in skin are Licorice root extract and BearberryRosehip seed oil and Willow bark extract help by gently resurfacing older, helping inflamed and injured skin to shed to reveal younger skin beneath

    • Rosehip seed and Willow bark extract: High in vitamin A content, Rosehip seed oil helps tone skin. Willow bark contains Salicylic acid that promotes gentle exfoliation of the outer, dull skin to reveal younger skin beneath
    • Licroice root extract: is a multifunctional extract that not only calms skin that has been inflamed but it also contains compounds that induce skin lightening by dispersing melanin pigment and enhancing more even pigment distribution.
    • Bearberry extract: Bearberry is a dwarf evergreen shrub indigenous to the dry, sandy, rocky soil climes of Europe, Asia, and Northern and Central America. It has been used by the Europeans since the 13th century for medicinal purposes. Its leaves contain Hydroquinone glucosides which applied topically, becomes Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone inhibits melanin production and it reduces the appearance of freckles, melasma and age related spots