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Step 2 - Add secondary actives


So, you've picked Hyaluronic acid and Olive Squalane. In Step 2 you can add a secondary function for your serum or choose more actives to enhance the effects of these two skin hydrating ingredients.

Anti-Inflammatory complex featuring Chamomile

Skin redness and inflammation can be caused by a number of factors including skin conditions and pollution. Pure German Chamomile extract coupled with calming olive Squalane and Prickly pear oil is designed to provide gentle calming and soothing action to the upper layers of skin. Plus Squalane (generally depleted for people living in highly polluted cities) will replenish skin and help protect skin's lipid barrier. This complex is suitable for all skin types and particularly beneficial to sensitive skin.

Anti-Oxidant infusion featuring Apple stem cells

Anti-oxidants are the best skin nutrients to fight free-radical damage from UV. Apple stem cells support skin cell metabolism and regeneration at a cellular level. Plus plant stem cells work to repair environmental damage that leads to loss of skin structure. Our up-cycled Raspberry complex is also a great source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) to enhance the activity of apple stem cells. Our antioxidant infusion made with Apple stem cells in Argan oil combined with our up-cycled raspberry seed complex can make a powerful side-kick to your choice from Step 1. This infusion is light and great for all skin types

Anti-Aging featuring Bakuchiol (powerful, natural alternative to retinol)

Plant sourced with all the benefits of Retinol and none of the side effects (redness, skin irritation, peeling), Bakichiol is touted as a super anti-aging ingredient that stimulates collagen synthesis and triggers anti-aging activity on a cellular level.  Combined with Rosehip seed oil to enhance the effects with natural vitamin A (a pre-cursor) to Retinol, this complex is a powerhouse for anyone feeling the need to encourage a more youthful appearance naturally and gracefully. This complex is suitable for all skin types.

Anti-Aging with plant derived Retinol alternatives (Moth bean and Bakuchiol)

Plant sourced with all the benefits of Retinol and none of the side effects (redness, skin irritation, peeling), both Moth bean extract and Bakichiol stimulate collagen synthesis and trigger anti-aging activity on a cellular level.  

Encourage your skin's youthful appearance gracefully through plant based alternatives, if you're feeling blue about seeing those new lines where there weren't any just a few years back.

    Brighten and Tone with Licorice and Vitamin C

    Bearberry (Uva ursi) extract from the Barberry plant is used to lighten skin, fade freckles or skin discoloration. Licorice root extract has been proved to work better that Hydroquinone in suppressing melatonin production resulting in brighter, lighter skin. Adding the most stable vitamin C ester to the mix, creates a special booster targeted to improve skin tone and gently lighten old spots and scars. 

    Need to change your step 1 ingredient?

    Back in step 1, you set a primary active ingredient for yourself. Having second thoughts about this?
    No problem! You can easily go back, take another look and make a different choice if it suits you.