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see the wonderful benefits of natural skin care

We're an innovative Canadian prestige natural skin care brand, offering you the ability to customize your moisturizer or serum

Just a couple short years ago the US and Canadian currency were equal, but since then the US dollar has strengthened and you can take advantage of it now!

Our products are priced in Canadian dollars, and with the strong US exchange rate that means an $80 purchase will be closer to $60 on your US credit card. Take advantage of this to explore our Luxe-Natural skin care products now!

Our Products

All our products feature:
  •   Soft, velvety textures that melt into your skin
  •   High-performance botanicals to deliver top benefits
  •   Wonderful scents for aromatherapeutic benefits and a feeling of well-being
  •   Beautiful biophotonic glass bottles to enhance and maintain freshness
  •   Natural - Organic - Safe. No harmful or controversial chemicals (paraben free, no artificial fragrance or dyes, no sulphates, etc.)

Our Service

We're pleased to provide these benefits to all our customers:
  •   Craft our products in small batches to ensure peak freshness
  •   A strong reward points program where every purchase counts, so you quickly gain future credit
  •   A ton of great information on our website about botanical benefits as well as what to avoid (take a look at our guides!)
  •   Occasional gifts just because its fun (shh ... don't tell anyone!)

Featured Collections

Customized skin care

And the best part : We offer you the ability to design your own natural skin care blend using a simple 3-step wizard. This industry-leading innovation is crafted right here in Canada!

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  •   You choose what goes into your product
  •   Easy 3-step wizard to make your selections
  •   Crafted and shipped out in just 48 hrs

natural and organic skin care made in canada

natural and organic skin care made in canada