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benefits of organic after sun lotion

Apre sun lotion - why do you need it?

Even if you wear the best sunscreen, long hours of exposure to sunlight will damage your skin. Heal and restore your skin after a day in the sun with an Apre-Sun solution. A good apre-sun lotion will cool skin with aloe, calm redness, heal and prevent skin peeling to keep your lovely tan looking beautiful longer.

An even better Apre-Sun lotion will do all that while sinking into your skin and absorbing quickly without harsh chemicals that you absolutely don’t need on overexposed skin. Go for a natural, organic apre-sun lotion!

testimonial of organic after sun lotion

Vienne Apre Surf and Slope - the natural apre-sun lotion for you!

Our apre-sun lotion brings you the cooling and healing properties of organic shea, aloe vera and sea buckthorn oils combined with the deeply calming and regenerating benefits of calendula, lavender, and honey. A powerful and effective lotion to revive skin that has been exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

  • ✓ Soften and calm your sun drenched skin with the emollient action of Aloe vera and Shea butter
  • ✓ Nurture your sun damaged skin and restore elasticity with an infusion of anti-oxidants
  • ✓ Soothe irritation and restore your skin’s suppleness with natural anti-inflammatory agents
  • ✓ Diminish sun spots caused by UV-stimulated melanin activity
  • ✓ Restore your spirit after a long day with calming and relaxing essences

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