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Gift Card - Customized Skincare



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Give a unique gift!

Give the gift of a customized skincare experience!
Why? An experience is memorable. While you can purchase a box of skincare goodies as a gift for someone, it's commonplace and skincare is highly personal. So why not gift the unique experience of being able to design a custom product freshly made-to-order - an experience of luxurious custom skincare!

The experience
Your recipient can use this card to design a lotion, cream or even serum perfect for their skin.
The gift card includes a handwritten note (if you provide a message) and is tied with a sheer black ribbon.
  1. Upon purchase, we mail out the gift card to your recipient - the shipping address when you go to checkout
  2. They visit the site, and create a wonderful moisturizer or serum by choosing the ingredients they want!
  3. They add to cart and checkout, using the gift card value to pay for everything
  4. If you include the 'Luxury Gift Box' delivery then their order is packaged and sent to them in a beautiful white box with satin ribbon. Bonus: this option also includes a super-soft organic bamboo washcloth!

  • Delivery: Standard Delivery: Luxury Gift Box

    Gift card tied with sheer black ribbon - mailed to your recipient

    Handwritten note on interior of card

    Gift card tied with sheer black ribbon - mailed to your recipient

    Handwritten note on interior of card

    Product sent to recipient in standard shipping box

    Super-soft organic bamboo washcloth is added

    Product sent to recipient in elegant gift box tied with a satin ribbon

  • Questions about gift value?

    The gift card value of $100 covers a customized moisturizer with the taxes and shipping

    The gift card value of $150 covers a customized serum with the taxes (serum already qualifies for free shipping)

    In both cases there will be a little extra left on the card and can be uses toward another purchase.

    Questions about gift card?

    When purchased you will also receive an electronic copy of the gift card code. Please protect this as it can be used to make purchases on our site.

    The gift card may be used multiple times to cover purchases until its value has run out. If the luxury gift box option was included with the card, then the first purchase will be sent in the gift box and remaining purchases sent as standard.

    At any time if lost we can resend the code electronically to the purchaser - the email address used when buying the card.

    The gift card will never expire.

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