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In my early 30s I suffered from distressed skin, a combination of working long hours and using an array of products. My skin had never looked more dull or congested with dark shadows padding my eyes. I bought more products to cover up the problems so no one would see. Then, a chance visit to a natural spa introduced me to natural skincare that changed my skin forever!

Natural skincare has one thing going for it – purity. It makes the same difference to your skin as eating clean, fresh food does to your body. You’re getting 100% ingredients that nourish and nothing else.

Cruelty free and vegan products contain gentle plant-derived ingredients that provide the purest form of skin nourishment. They do not have contentious preservatives or skin sensitizing ingredients used in mass produced skincare to improve aesthetics like colour, shine, and texture or extend shelf-life. So natural products are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

These days, I rarely wear make-up and still feel the confidence of fresh, glowing skin.

Something I still missed in natural products was the finesse and luxury in textures and scents that I had grown accustomed to in a department store prestige product. So I created Subtle Green tapping the latest advancement in natural skin science and phyto-actives for a luxurious yet effective experience in natural skincare.