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Step 1 - Choose mask base

Our custom MASKS are blends of specialty . With high concentrations of effective ingredients, anti-aging serums perform best when specifically targeted to address one or two signs of aging.

It's easy! You're about to do this in 3 easy steps

    • In Step 1: Choose your serum base ingredients and primary active botanicals – you can do this based on the main function you would like your serum to perform and understanding why the ingredients work
    • In Step 2: Add a secondary function for your serum to complement your base or choose more actives to enhance the effects of your base
    • In Step 3: Choose your aroma blend of essential oils
Let's start: Choose your serum base ingredients and primary active botanicals. Click on "Learn More" for more information on the ingredients, to fully understand how it's going to work for your skin.


Your skin takes a beating when you've weathered stress, fluctuating diets, sleepless nights, long hours of travel and harsh weather. Nothing revives dull skin and draws out those toxins like Canadian Glacial clay that leads the charge in this detox pack. Combined with Rhassoul, Brazillian pink clays and anti-oxidants dutch cocoa and goncord grape, this base is designed to gently cleanse, rejuvenate and revive your dull skin back to its health. Perfect for sensitive skin
DETOX LEARN MORE TEXT AND BULLETS ---> Detoxing skin is an important part of skincare in this day of excessive stressors. Aside from demanding work schedules, the weather, dietary changes and travel can play a huge role in depleting skin of minerals and nutrients while accumulating toxins. A detox mask is just the right aide to get your skin back to a healthy balance
  • Canadian Glacial Clay from British Columbia removes toxins and improves skin texture. A by-product of thousands of years of mineralization of volcanic ash, this clay detoxifies and removes contaminants from the pores of skin, while allowing skin to absorb nutrients. Great for troubled, acne prone skin. it also helps exfoliate skin gently and improves circulation.
  • Rhassoul clay extracts impurities gently while absorbing excess oil and dirt, and nourishes skin with rich minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium.
  • Brazilian pink clay is soft and rich in mineral salts with naturally healing properties. It is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. It restores skin's natural luminosity and increases circulation
  • Antioxidants in Dutch cocoa and concord grape buffer this base to help your skin fight environmental aging factors so skin is left smooth and your complexion revived.

Deep Clean

Choose this base if you need a deep clean to draw out impurities from your pores, remove excess oils, help dissolve and clear out black heads. With activated charcoal and three types of Brazilian clay, this base is best for oily skin or skin that feels heavy, or oily from long hours of makeup.
  • DEEP CLEAN LEARN MORE TEXT AND BULLETS ---> Grey clay is rich in titanium. It can help reduce dark skin spots, combats pimples also slow down skin aging due to sun damage.
  • Green clay is full of rich minerals that absorb excess oils and dirt. It works as an astringent while stimulating controling excessive oiliness, making the skin more homogeneous and balanced. It also has antibacterial, analgesic and healing properties and is very good for acneic skin.
  • High in Iron oxide, Brazilian red clay is deeply cleansing and draws out bacteria, excessive water and oil from skin. It helps skin's natural process of healing and restores softness and shine.
  • Activated charcoal attracts and pulls dirt from your pores thereby cleaning them and making your pores look smaller
  • The lactic acid in goat's milk dissolves and sloughs away dead skin cells, thereby revealing a younger and more youthful complexion

Nourish and Hydrate

If you’re spending too much time in the sun and you feel your skin could enjoy a little soothing and moisturizing downtime to heal and comfort it back to suppleness, then you want to start with this pack
  • NOURISH AND HYDRATE LEARN MORE TEXT AND BULLETS ---> o Organic Spinach powder is a source of chlorophyll and antioxidants such as carotenoids, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. It infuses skin with these healthy nutrients
  • Seaweed- High in vitamin B12, vitamin E and amino acids, makes it suitable for use on irritated skin as it will help retain skin's moisture levels, and alleviate chapping, cracking and roughness caused by dryness of the skin. It can also be used on oily and acne-prone skin
  • French Green Clay Removes impurities from the skin, revealing the fresh surface of the skin to provide a healthy looking glow.
  • Non GM Colloidal Oats - Colloidal Oatmeal gently moisturizes dry and problem skin. It contains oil from oat's germ with a deep moisturizing quality that also reduces itchiness from dry skin
  • Coconut milk powder Moisturizes skin making it soft and supple. Also good after sun exposure.


Choose this base if you're looking for an exfoliating scrub to slough away dead skin cells to reveal younger and more youthful skin
  • French Green Clay removes impurities from the skin, revealing the fresh surface of the skin to provide a healthy looking glow. Improves skin tone and texture while promoting all round relaxation
  • Brazilian Green clay is full of rich minerals that absorb excess oils and dirt. It works as an astringent, making the skin more homogeneous and balanced. It also has antibacterial, analgesic and healing properties and is very good for acneic skin.
  • Apricot kernel shells, Rose quartz and Coconut flakes provide gentle scrubbing and exfoliating action to remove flaking and dull skin
  • Goat's milk powder contains lactic acid, a natural Alpha Hydroxyl acid to exfoliate dead skin cells


Plump skin with moisture: Youthful and dewy skin has one thing going for it – suppleness. This comes from copious amounts of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid and Squalane, which reduce with age resulting in loss of elasticity, suppleness, sunken skin and fine lines.
Replenish with naturally derived Hyaluronic acid and Olive Squalane for that moistened, dewy look of glowing skin.
  • REVITALIZE LEARN MORE TEXT AND BULLETS ---> Rich in kaolinite, illite, montmorillonitea and calcite, French red clay revives and tones skin
  • Rose petal powder is a luxurious anti-aging ingredient smooths and evens out fine lines for a brighter and toned look
  • (li>Brazilian yellow clay is rich in silicon dioxide, a catalyst for the formation of skin collagen. Coupled with the minerals in Rhassoul clay, this combination rejuvenates and slows down the aging process
  • Organic honey powder is vital for drawing moisture to skin and locking it in for a plump and youthful glow